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Revolt Rv400 | Revolt Electric Bike 2021: Hello everyone! First of all, thanks for landing to our site Electric Vaahan. Revolt bike is the first bike in the electric segment which launched in 2019. There are limited electric bikes in the Indian market. Out of them, the only leading electric bike company is Revolt.

So, in this article we will discuss about Revolt Rv400 price, features and specifications. We will clear your all doubts about this revolt bike and you will easily make decision to buy this bike or not.

Revolt Rv400 Design and colors

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  • First, we will talk about the design of revolt electric bike. The Design of Revolt Rv400 looks compact and muscular same as normal Sports bike like Yamaha Fz, pulsar NS etc. The Structure body look not different from petrol bike.
  • In front section, there is an LED projector headlamp which is in hexagonal shape. The headlamp is powerful enough to project light on the ground.
  • From Side, bike looks hunky and having speakers to produce artificial sound which helps to make the presence of this Revolt Rv400 on the roads.
  • At tail section, there is an LED taillamp inspired by logo of Revolt emblem. It is bright enough in the night to make aware other vehicles on the roads.
  • There are three colors available in this segment of Rv400 i.e., Red, Black and Black & silver.

Revolt Rv400 Performance

Revolt Rv400 performance

  • This Revolt rv400 has the torque of 170 Nm and delivers same power as 150cc engine bike.
  • It catches the speed of 0-40km/h in 4.5 sec. The top speed of this revolt bike is 85-90km/h.
  • The transmission of bike is automatic so it feels like scooter and easy to control and ride.
  • This bike has Electric Hub motor type which makes the performance excellent.
  • It can carry weight up to 150 kg, so ride and pillion easily ride in this bike.  

Revolt Rv400 Instrument Cluster and Buttons

Revolt Rv400 Instrument Cluster and Buttons

  • The cluster is also giving many information about the bike like battery, range speedometer, odometer, trip meter and your riding modes.
  • You can shift different modes through switch button on right handlebar.
  • You can also change between four different sounds through your smartphone.
  • It also having kill switch button as like traditional petrol bike to cut off the power.

Revolt Rv400 Ride Quality

Revolt Rv400 Ride Quality

  • The riding experience of revolt rv400 is quite comfortable and different from traditional petrol bike. So, you will feel little uncomfortable in the first experience because you have to unlearn the method and experience of traditional bike ride.
  • The handling is also impressive and controllable. Revolt Bike is only 108 Kg which is quite light to ride.
  • The Handles of the bike is quite upright that makes your posture comfortable, but becomes little uncomfortable to ride after 80km. So, this bike is not recommended for long bike riding.

Revolt Rv400 Top speed and Range

Revolt Rv400 Top speed and Range

There are three modes available on this revolt bike i.e., Eco, Normal and Sports mode.

  • The First mode is Eco mode which will give you excellent range of 150km as per company but speed limits up to 45km/h only, which is only reliable in city ride only.
  • The second mode is Normal mode which will be the most usable mode of this bike. This normal mode gives 100km of range at the speed of 65km/h which gives you the balance of both performance and range.
  • The last mode is Sports mode, which delivers high performance and speed of this bike. It will give you maximum range of 80km but catches speed up to 90km/h.
Driving modes Top Speed Range
Eco 45km/h 150 Km
Normal 65km/h 100 Km
Sports 85km/h 80 Km

Revolt Rv400 Price

Let’s comes to the main segment of this article that is Revolt Rv400 price. It starts with a price range of 1.29Lakh to 1.61Lakh. You can also choose Emi option given by company as My revolt plan. In this plan, you will have to pay 3,999 for 38 months. So, the total cost for this option will be around 1.52 Lakh which includes its service cost, insurance, unlimited battery swaps, and tire replacement for only one time.

Variants Ex-showroom prices
Rv400 Standard Rs. 1,29,463
Rv400 Premium Rs. 1,61,077

On-Road Price including subsidies according to states: –

Cities Rv400 Standard Rv400 Premium
Delhi ₹ 1,34,005 ₹ 1,66,256
Mumbai ₹ 1,34,005 ₹ 94,562
Bangalore ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,16,134
Chennai ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 94,562
Hyderabad ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,35,192
Kolkata ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,16,134
Pune ₹ 1,34,005 ₹ 94,562
Ahmedabad ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,17,541
Chandigarh ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,16,134
Navi Mumbai ₹ 1,29,463 ₹ 1,16,134

Pros and cons of Revolt rv400:-

Pros Cons
Only bike in Electric vehicle Customer Service
Portable Battery Low Quality parts
Good Range and speed Less Color options


I hope you liked our article on Revolt Rv400 | Revolt Electric Bike 2021. If you have any doubt about Revolt Rv400 Bike, please comment down below. For more Electric Bikes 

FAQ: –

Q: Is revolt a Chinese company?

A: No, Revolt Motors is founded by Rahul Sharma, who is also the Co-founder of Micromax. So, Revolt is an Indian Brand company.

Q: Is it worth buying revolt RV400?

A: Yes, of course it is worth buying because it can save environment because it is pollution less vehicle and other thing is it can save lot of money you are wasting on petrol.

Q: Which motor is used in RV400?

A: Revolt rv400 is powered by 3000 W Hub motor and produces 170 Nm torque. To charge this motor fully it will take 4.5hrs.

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