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Benling Aura Electric Scooter 2022 | Budgeted Electric Scooter in India: Hello everyone, Welcome to our site Electric Vaahan. Today we discuss all new Benling Aura Electric Scooter. It is one of the budgeted Electric scooters in the Indian market. This is a Chinese electric car manufacturer Benling Aura has launched their Electric Scooters in the market. Company claims that this Electric scooter can travel 120Km without charging with a 40 AH battery. Benling has already launched their 3 Slow speed Scooter i.e., Icon, Falcon and Kriti but Aura is their Fastest scooter in the electric scooter segment.

Benling Aura Design: – 

Glossy Blue
Matte Purple
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  • Benling Aura electric scooter comes in 3 different colors i.e., Matt Plum purple, Glossy Blue and Matt Black.
  • The design of this electric scooter is looks very similar to petrol scooter which is quite big and comfortable. The body of the scooter made up of fiber which makes this scooter light and easy to control.  
  • In front It has round retro type headlamps and side indicator. Front body panel is only having Benling logo with side indicators.  
  • There is a Gloves box above the foot floor, in which you can carry your small stuffs like paper gloves. Let’s talk about its boot space, which is neither large nor small. You Can carry your charger adapter and some paper stuffs in that boot space of scooter.  
  • Overall look and design of Benling aura electric scooter is classic and stylish.  

Benling Aura Performance: – 

The top speed of this scooter is 70km/hr. It’s BDLC motor produce power of 2500W. It can carry up to 150Kg weight. Benling aura has excellent pickup which shows the chilling power of this electric scooter. It is good for only city rides which maintains a limited speed and gives good performance ride. 

Benling Aura Charging: – 

Benling Aura | Benling Aura Electric Scooter

  • You can easily charge your Benling aura electric scooter by portable charger.  
  • The Battery capacity of this scooter is 2.88 kWh.  
  • Charging time for normal charger is 5-6hrs and for fast charger is 4hrs only.  

Benling Aura Range: – 

After full charge this electric scooter will give you 120 km of range in Eco mode at some specific condition. There are 4 different modes in Benling aura scooter i.e., Low, Eco, sports and Turbo mode.

Benling Aura Top Speed: – 

Benling Aura | Benling Aura Electric Scooter

The top speed of the Benling Aura electric scooter is up to 70km/h which quite disappointing but it acceleration is powerful and quick. It goes 0-40km/h in just 3.5 seconds. So, In the speed segment, Aura is good enough but not a tough competitor of Ola and Ather.

Benling Aura Price: – 

Let’s come to the main point of this article to see whether Benling aura electric scooter is a budget friendly or not. Benling Aura Price starts from Rs. 73,000 (ex-showroom price) in according the capital city. 

Benling Aura on-Road Price in following cities are below: – 

Delhi  ₹ 76,404 
Mumbai  ₹ 79,404 
Navi Mumbai  ₹ 97,011 
Ahmedabad  ₹ 92,152 
Pune  ₹ 84,666 
Hyderabad  ₹ 98,325 
Chennai  ₹ 89,809 
Bangalore  ₹ 80,324 
Kolkata  ₹ 97,011 
Chandigarh  ₹ 92,152 

Benling Aura Specifications: – 


Power & Performance 

Motor Power – 2500 W  Top Speed – 70 Km/h 
Motor type – BDLC  Battery capacity – 2.88 kWh 


Length – 1,855 mm  Width – 740 mm 
Height – 1,175 mm  Ground Clearance – 165 mm 


Anti-theft system  Pillion backrest 
Parking assist  Regenerative braking system
Smart Breakdown Assistance Intelligent Speedometer Console
Smart Parking Assistance Detachable Battery
Smart Key with Remote controller USB Port for charging Gadgets

Conclusion: – 

I hope you liked our article on Benling Aura | Benling aura electric scooter. At the end we can say that Benling Aura has great engine power and good economy with a retro design in this electric scooter segment.  If you want more electric scooter articles click here

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FAQ: – 

Is Benling an Indian company? 

Benling is a Chinese Manufacturer company, where it has four-five manufacturing plants.

Is Benling Chinese company? 

Yes, It is a Chinese based company which launched their two wheeler electric vehicle in India.

What is the price of Benling aura? 

Benling aura price starts from Rs. 73,000(ex-showroom price).

benling aura battery price 

The replacement cost of a lead-acid battery is between Rs 12,000 and Rs 18,000.

benling aura electric scooter price in India 

Benling aura price starts from Rs. 73,000(ex-showroom price).

benling aura website 

Benling aura official website is https://www.benlingindia.com/

Is Benling aura worth buying?

It depends upon your requirement, If you need only for city ride then it is for you. The material which is used in benling aura is cheap quality.

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